2019 Members Show at Barrett Paradise Friendly Library

Members Show Reception - June 29, 2019



The Annual Pocono Mountain Arts Council Members Show reception was held June 29th at the Barrett Friendly Public Library located in Cresco. 

The artwork of nine artists were on display and the exhibition was judged by Jody Singer, owner of Origins Gallery located in Stroudsburg. He was also on the program to speak and gave comments about his judging procedures. 

Exhibition winners are: Donna Kallesser, “Sunflowers and Flow Blue”, first place. Second place went to Joan Polishook,”Morning Mist”. Carlisle Y Nostrame, third place for “Fearlessness and Heroic Beauty”

Adding a new twist to the program, we had a raffle table with items donated by our council members and the winners are shown below:

Thank you to Charles Rauch for his donation of a handmade peppermill won by Paul (Skip) Hensley. Nancy Pitcher donated a beautiful painting and it was won by Lenni Gritz. We also had a spectacular handmade pottery pitcher donated by Lenni Gritz! And the winner, Mary Ann Paulukonis! Photo on canvas donated by Louisa Reeves won by Carlisle Y Nostrame.  And finally, a beautiful handmade sugar candy bowl set donated by Vada Dale. The lucky winner was Charles Rauch. A big thank you to the members donating and making our raffle a successful event. 

Theme for the Annual Members Show “Think Outside the Box”, was a “white spool of thread”. Sounds weird but it was a challenge to the artists participating and boy, did they meet and succeed at the challenge! It is amazing to see how an artist can go beyond what they are accustomed to producing and taking their art to higher levels for unusual challenges. This year there were three winners for first, second and third place. 

First place to Joan Polishook. Second place to Nancy Pitcher, and third place to Lenni Gritz. Winners were awarded ribbons and certificates. 

One of the highlight events for the show is the “Peoples Choice Award”. Participants in attendance will choose from the displayed exhibition their favorite piece of artwork and cast a vote. The overall winner of the show is Carlisle Y Nostrame and she was presented with a certificate. Congratulations Carlisle. 

Finally, we had a food table laden with a variety of different foods that not only looked pretty but were delicious! Must say that we are fortunate to have members with excellent cooking skills and thank you to those who contributed. Food is always an event highlight. 

Overall, we had a successful show and special thanks to the participants producing a nice showing of work. Thank you to everyone who participated and attended the Annual Members Show. 

2019 Chair is Louisa Reeves

2019 Co-Chair Lenni Gritz

President Nancy Pitcher and Carlisle Y Nostrame
President Nancy Pitcher and Carlisle Y Nostrame

Members Show Participating Artists

Karen Avery



I have been living in Pennsylvania for less than two years. I moved here from California. I used to do glass mosaics, then started doing polymer clay mosaics,and recently have been making fused glass jewelry and alcohol ink paintings. I am a substitute teacher and create in my garage studio as soon as I get home every day.

Dee Kasarda



I started painting in 1997, while working my deli business 85 hours a week. My daughter was leaving for college and it was time to pursue my passion with art. My work started to sell almost immediately in the dining room of my restaurant. 

I studied locally with Jean Littlefield, Sally Millspaugh, Tim Weaver and John James and won the “Peoples Choice” award at Clymer Library at our Pocomac members show. My work is currently held in private collections in Europe and throughout the United States.

 I’m inspired by historic buildings, nature, profiles of people (especially children), sunsets, and the way light is reflected from the subject. I like my paintings to reflect a memory or tell a story. 

I enjoy the outdoors, skiing, hiking, biking, and love to sew. I’m a very spiritual person, regardless of what life throws at you; my philosophy is to never miss a laugh.     

Joan Polishook



A plein air painter and award winning artist, I work primarily in oil to express what I see in the world around me. I am particularly inspired by rural scenery and enjoy interpreting the landscape on canvas. Many of my paintings are done outdoors while others are studio compositions based upon my sketches and photographs.

Wanda Altemose



I turned to painting in my retirement years as a means of expressing a lifetime of appreciation for the beauty and wonder of the world around us.

I see painting as a visualization of expression found within one's inner self. It is a very rewarding means of expression.  I feel fortunate to have been a student under the direction of the well-know artist and friend, James Smetz, who recently passed away.

 During my many years of creating artwork, I have received various awards through active involvement in the Pocono Mountain Arts Council and the Pocono Arts Council. 

 My favorite subject is landscapes.

Charles Rauch



Lives in Pocono Lake, PA and is a native of Southeastern Pa, growing up in the picturesque farming region of the Upper Perkiomen Valley. In addition to living in Pennsylvania, he and his wife have had the pleasure of residing in the mountains of Colorado.

Lenni Gritz



After 25 years in the flower business Lenni Gritz sold her store and studied Pottery in Philadelphia for the following five years before opening Lakehouse Pottery at Lake Wallenpaupack, creating wheel thrown stoneware and porcelain, functional and decorative pottery for the last 10 years. 

Some of her work is hand painted with under-glaze scenes which led to her occasional work with watercolors

Continuation of Artists

Carlisle Y. Nostrame



Carlisle Y Nostrame is a prolific 21st century American artist and designer.  She is known as a renaissance woman with an unquenchable curiosity and a passion for oil painting.  She exhibits the same passion and zealousness for style and color as an interior designer.  

  Carlisle has no formal art education but does not consider herself self-taught as she owes all she knows about art to her many mentors.

Jean Broden



Jean Broden is a resident of Philadelphia (and part-time resident of Promised Land) who has been creating art since she was a small child. Jean attended Moore College of Art as an Illustration major and began her art career in graphic design. 

After pausing to raise four children, Jean obtained a master’s degree in Art Education and began teaching high school art. All this time, she was continuing to make art as a hobby. After taking painting classes at Studio Incamminati, Jean decided to move toward a dream career in art once again. 

This June, after 20 years of teaching, Jean has retired to pursue that dream. In July, she will have her first solo art exhibit at the Muse Gallery in Old City, Philadelphia.

Donna Kallesser



A new Jersey native now retired and living in Pennsylvania. My subjects of choice lie mainly in flowers and still life, and over the years I have taken classes at the Ridgewood Art Institue and workshops with various talented artists including Elizabeth Robbins and Janet Cunniffe-Chieffo.

Dramatic lighting found in the works of the Old Masters fascinates me, and I am constantly trying to achieve the luminosity and delicacy of flowers…a work in progress!

 “Loose Realism” is what I strive for in my paintings, since I also love the works of the impressionists. 

As a member of the Pocono Mountain Arts Council and the Pocono Arts Council, I have participated in several local arts shows and exhibits. And I am proud to say that I have been recently accepted into the Oil Painters of America as an Associate Member.

Louisa Reeves



My fascination with photography became a reality at age 11 when I received my first camera. At that early age, I was focused on how I would go about creating and capturing lifetime memories.

Years later, and as I continually learned the many aspects of photography, I attended the New York School of Photography; Bryan Peterson School of Photography, Peters Valley; countless workshops, seminars, and became a member of Northeast Pennsylvania Professional Photographers Association (NEPPA).  While a member of NEPPA, I won several awards and served as president of the Association.


My photography career started out with portraits and weddings and later evolved into Fine Art Photography. My primary focus now is Still Life Photography, Landscapes and Flowers. 

There is always something new to learn, and I’m regularly striving to move upward as the industry evolves with new equipment, techniques, or perhaps experimenting with my own unique ideas. I especially spend many hours in the “digital darkroom” bringing my creations to life. 

 When my work is being viewed, I want the viewer to ask, “Is it a painting or is it a photograph?” When asked that question, I know my objective was met! 

Awards: Blue Ribbon Awards from Northeast Pennsylvania Professional Photographers Association, NPPPA Five Court of Honor Prints Award, Fassbender Trophy Award, Second Place winner of the 2017 Pocono Living Magazine Landscape photo contest, First Place winner of the 2018 Pocono Living Magazine Historic Structures photo contest. For one year served as President of NPPPA.