Cheryl Slaymaker

My Desire


Being a young homemaker and the mother of two beautiful girls, I always had the desire to decorate my home with unusual odd items. Because I could not afford them, this led me down the path to the world of art. The idea occurred that I can make it, and started the journey with a few art supplies.  

Nearly Forty Years!


For nearly forty years, I have been doing art. I most enjoy and love the beauty and miracle of nature. My favorite subjects are trees, birds in the sky, the oceans and the wonderful creatures they hold. 


Mixed Media


My artwork is Mixed Media.   What really excites me is trying new mediums and techniques. However, I must admit to being an art supply junkie!

 I want my work to invoke a smile, curiosity and a bit of inspiration. I am extremely thankful for the desires I have been blessed with, my daughters who share the joy of creating art and a wonderful husband and his many trips to the supply store to use that extra coupon.