Karen Avery

About Me!



I moved to the Poconos in September, from the San Francisco Bay Area, where I discovered mosaic-making about 15 years ago, at the summer camp where I went with my son. The adults made stepping stones and I was hooked. I started out making mosaics from stained glass mainly, but then I moved to Qatar to teach and I couldn’t take glass with me but needed a hobby. I had seen a magazine featuring a mosaiced table, and it was made with the most amazing colors, which I discovered was polymer clay, so I took clay instead and started crafting with that but, I got serious about it when I returned to the US and was able to get the materials I needed.

What I Do!



I work as a teacher during the day and then go home and play with my clay, plus now, I also am also making fused glass jewelry, having recently discovered the existence of the microwave kiln.  I still have so much to learn as I have only been using polymer clay seriously for about 4 years and wish there were more hours in the day in which to indulge my passions. I still make glass mosaics too, although not as much as I used to.





I have three grown children and a grandson. My oldest daughter is an artist and a high school art teacher, but she didn’t get her talent from me - I still can’t draw a cat – but my medium doesn’t require that ability, it is more about finding colors that go together and making geometric shapes. 

I am looking forward to the summer, so I can create all day, every day and I am loving all the seasons here in the Poconos.