Our Meeting Place

The Mountain Center

 The Mountain Center is just North of the Pocono Mountain Public  Library... address is..354  Memorial Blvd, Tobyhanna.

  They  have been generous enough to offer us the use of their art room. We have been  instrumental in cleaning up and updating their art room and adding a mural to  the hallway. 

We will be meeting in the art room for our workshops and business  meetings. 

 Parking is  in the back of the building and enter in the door next  to the art room. 

We will meet at the same times...6:30 PM -8 or 9 PM depending on the  agenda for the meeting. 

Friendly Group

Down to earth members willing to share knowledge and lend a hand.

A Variety of Talented Artists

Come Share Yours!

Minutes for December 2019

December (pdf)


The Fall Dunning Gallery Photography Exhibit

Watch for updates

   Pocono Mountain Arts Councils members are invited to attend:

This year’s Fall Dunning Gallery Art Exhibit at Northampton Community College’s Monroe Campus will be a photographic exhibition tentatively titled: Monroe County Past & Present: Resorts, Ruins, and the Rural Landscape – and it will be presented in partnership with the Monroe County Historical Society. 

The show will be a photographic exploration of Monroe County’s history, featuring contemporary photographs alongside historical photos and artifacts provided and curated by the Monroe County Historical Society.  As the title indicates, the show will explore three different areas of our local history: A) the history of resorts and recreation in Monroe Country, B) our industrial and architectural past and present (the empty warehouses and furnaces that still stand all around our county were once hubs of manufacture and enterprise – and historic buildings have been re-faced and re-imagined for new uses), and C) the shifting landscape of Monroe County itself that, despite industrialized progress, still retains the amazing natural beauty that has drawn artists and visitors for hundreds of years.  

We are currently looking for local artists to submit photographs for this juried show.  To submit your photos for consideration, please email them to submit_photos@northampton.edu .  Please submit no more than five (5) photographs for consideration.  All images submitted for judging should be set  at a resolution of 72 DPI (and no more than 8 by 10 inches in dimension – file size should be less than 5 megabytes). It is suggested that all files entered be saved with an sRGB color space to be assured that the proper colors are being displayed on the judging monitors. Files should also indicate the location and date that each photograph was taken. 

 Photographs must be emailed prior to June 1st for consideration in the Fall Juried Show, and photographers selected to exhibit will be notified by June 15th. 


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2019 PMAC Members Show


The 2019 PMAC Members Show update!

For the members that do not know me, my name is Louisa Reeves, Secretary for our council and the webmaster for the council’s website. As of this year, 2019, I am the new Chairperson for the 2019 Members Show that is held at Barrett Paradise Friendly Library in Cresco Pennsylvania. 

Lennie Gritz will be the Assistant Chairperson and we look forward to your participation in the show. 

Mariana Russo was the prior chair and thank you Mariana for the wonderful show we had last year. 

This year we will again have a fun contest for “Think Outside the Box” and present you with an interesting challenge. This year it will be a “White Spool of Thread”.

There is a change this year and that is display cases will not be provided. Therefore, only artwork that will be displayed on the wall.

The show will be at the Barrett Paradise Friendly Library in Cresco PA from May1st, to June 29th. 

 Drop off is Saturday, April 27th between the hours of 10AM – 12PM.

 Reception is scheduled for Saturday, June 29th from 2PM – 4PM. 

Please complete the application on time, bring something to eat or drink for the reception, and please respect the drop off and pick up dates and times. You need to be responsible for dropping off and picking up your artwork from the library at the designated times. Artwork will not be taken before April 30th or after June 29th. 

Thank you in advance for your participation and the Show Application will be provided later.

Thank you,

Louisa and Lenni

Members Show Application

 Winter is almost over and spring is around the corner!  I know we all are ready to see spring after the ups and downs encountered over the winter months.  Getting out working in the yards and gardens.  Coming up with fresh project ideas.  

Also fresh project ideas for your art brushes or whatever art medium that you enjoy.  Expand those ideas and create a work of art to be displayed at our Annual Members Show held at Barrett Library.    

The show is for you!  There are no fees and why not take advantage of an opportunity to showcase your works of art!  

The "Think Outside the Box Theme" this year is working with a "white spool of thread".   Take the challenge and see what you can create.  It will be a fun project and we look forward to seeing what you will present.  

Application can be downloaded below .  Complete and return by April 14, 2019.  Thank you!