Colored Pencil presented by nancy pitcher

Photos Taken By:


 Jay and Mary Ann Paulakonis 

Workshop presenter: Nancy Pitcher


My interest in colored pencil medium started about 5 years ago at a  national painting convention in Nashville.  I took a seminar with a master  teacher in colored pencils and loved it.  At that time we were using paper  called Tenient paper which you can purchase at AC Moores.  Just last year at the  Daytona Beach national convention for the Society of Decorative Painters, I took  another seminar with a master teacher using suede board which is what we used in  the butterfly workshop.  Both of the teachers used Prisma brand colored pencils  which I have agreed are the best ones to use.  A student in one of my classes  purchased a no name brand colored pencil set of 100 for about $20 and they did  not compare to the quality of color with Prisma pencils.  I hope everyone  enjoyed the class and will continue to use colored pencils in their  artwork.